Feasting Table Ministries

Feasting Table Ministries (FTM), located in the Northern New Jersey area, offers Christian pastoral counseling, career coaching, and training for those who want to become counselors . We also partner with churches to provide seminars and counseling centers. For businesses, we provide seminars on team building, communication, and conflict resolution.

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Feature Article

The Fellowship of the Suffering Servant

Have you ever been confronted with an issue that so bothered you that you cried out to God for an answer?  I have had such a time.  As I deal with issues such as abuse, I am asked this question, "If God is omnipotent, why didn't He save me from the abuse?"  This is a very valid question.  I searched for answers.  I read about free will.  I read about trusting Him.  And yet, none of these answers fully satisfied my heart.  I was given a book, Bridal Intercession, and as I perused it, I found a chapter called The Fellowship of the Suffering Servant.  As I read and reread this chapter, with tears in my eyes, I found my answer.  We serve the God who is able to save but does not.  This is an uncomfortable nagging question of why God does not do the things He is powerful to do. Read more.